What We Offer

Design and Video are the two domains of our specialisation. We can create stunning web designs, compelling illustrations and exciting motion graphics. We can edit your footage to tell your story, or use our studio facilities and equipment to shoot your own bespoke video.

Web design

We guide you through the process of creating a website. First we identify your objectives and the most suitable types of online presence. Secondly, we provide wireframes and sketches to discuss the concepts. Thirdly, we agree on details and functionalities. From there we work on slick layouts and assets. Finally, we polish your design.

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Graphic design

Graphics are illustrations. We love getting involved in graphical work for websites and applications. We like experimenting, but we also understand that business has its requirements. Whether playful, shouting or subtle, we will create stunning imagery that goes with your style and matches your corporate identity.

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Video Production

Video Editing

We can put your video together. We pay attention to detail and consider rhythm to create a fascinating sequence. We alternate between various motives to cause excitement in the compilation of your shots. We are also able to shoot some scenes for you in our studio or on location.

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Colour correction

We colour-grade your footage to use its best potential. People want to see visual treats. We’ll make your video work by highlighting the right colours, making it look visually stunning and cinematic.

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