A global venture

We are an independent collaboration of like-minded, creative people who get involved in exciting projects. We go the unusual ways. We don’t get restricted by places. We work globally. Digital technologies connect us, helping us achieve our clients' goals and visions.

We are young. We do our best. We have A vision. We are free (though not free of charge lol). and we like to HAVE FUN too.

Normally you would expect to read that this is about some kind of a production company and stuff, but to us that would sound awfully mundane. We are unlike any other regular enterprise out there.

We think this is the best of times we could ever live in, no matter what news headlines say. We strive to use the best options, the best opportunities the world is giving us today. We don’t winch. We don’t complain. We always wonder: how can we contribute next? Tell us your vision and we'll tell you how we can become part of it to make it real.

Our Services

Web design Jadespark Collective

Web design

We take care of your website. We use a Content Management System. We provide wireframes and slick layouts. We incorporate your assets. We polish your designs. We can also help you find a good hosting service.

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Videos Jadespark Collective


We can take your existing footage to tell a compelling story through edit. We also do motion graphics and title design for your commercial, promo clip or film. We can shoot a bespoke video to express your vision.

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Graphics Jadespark Collective


We love illustration. We do graphic design for websites and applications. We create concept art. We think inside and outside the box. We like to experiment because we're friends of innovation.

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We love getting to know people

Above all we love working with nice people! We hope there’s enough of us out there with an untroubled and passionate mind set.

Contact us

Please DO contact us if you:

approach people with a smile

embrace creative feedback

communicate clearly

have a vision for your project

appreciate other people's workload

Do not contact us

Please DON’T contact us if you:

need to finish your project tomorrow (it won't happen!)

make no compromises

like to rush things

don't have a generic plan of action

don’t appreciate other people’s time

Design and video are our passion

If we can help you in any way with your creative project, please drop us a hint. We can surely grab a tea (coffee - cocoa - goat milk... whatever, we don't judge) and have a chat.


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